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This is the second volume from Fritz Meier's unpublished writings about the veneration of Mu?ammad and deals with the role of invoking blessings on the Prophet ('t??liya) in Sufism. In particular the focus is on the mysticism of the more recent orders in the Islamic West, for instance the Tij?niyya and the N??iriyya. Meier distinguishes between the mystical cult of Mu?ammad in these orders and a mysticism directed toward God in earlier orders. The book consists of two parts. Part One, Meier's unpublished manuscript, treats the theory, practice and effect of invoking blessings on the Prophet.It is in fact the first serious study of the modern, Arabic-language mystical cult of Mu?ammad, entirely based on analyzing the relevant sources.Part Two offers over one hundred texts with translations, which provide illustrations of the subjects dealt with in Part One. These illustrative texts have been selected by the editor from Meier's unpublished papers.The second volume contains the general index for volumes one and two.Bernd Radtke was responsible for editing the present work.

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